Better Impact Inc.

Better Impact

(formerly called volunteer2)

We have been creating cloud based volunteer management software and helping nonprofits achieve more for over 12 years. We listen to our clients and a few times a year we create upgrades to the software based on client suggestions.

There are many reasons to partner with us for your volunteer management technology. Among them;

  • Our support is personal and you will find our dedication to your success is evident at every step.
  • Our clients span five continents and range in size from 40 volunteers to 300,000 so we have a wide range of experiences to draw on.
  • Our software is highly customizable, robust and easy to use.
  • Our solution requires no installation so it won’t create additional work for an organization’s IT department / person / volunteer.

I invite you to:

Tony Goodrow
CEO – Better Impact

Contact Information

North America: 800-844-1545
U.K.: 020 3014 0226
Australia: 1-800-359-067
New Zealand: 04 889 0403
Others: +1-905-639-4552