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"One World One Song" by Dionne Warwick and Joe McElderry. Lyrics posted and a video performance on YouTube.


-- Youth Service America     Submitted by Susan J. Ellis

Century of the Volunteers

Lyrics and Background (PDF)

Recording of the Song (MP3)  (Right click to download.)

The song, as a recording or performance, is free to use!

Raheem Dilgir says:

I wrote "Century of the Volunteer" to rally, mobilize and energize volunteers. Its message is one of renewal, purpose and inclusiveness, and its tone is celebratory. I warmly invite volunteer leaders of all strifes to download the song and use it in support their goals of promoting volunteerism. Possible uses include: playing the audio at volunteer recruitment or recognition events; using it as the background music for video footage or a slide show that shows expressions of volunteerism; or adopting it as a theme song for young volunteers to learn and sing as a group.

-- -Raheem Dilgir     Submitted by Raheem Dilgir, lyricist, vocalist, arranger and producer of the song

The Volunteer Recognition Skit Kit  by Arlene Grubbs and Evie Levine in the Energize Online Bookstore has volunteer-related lyrics for many "old standard" songs. Here's one example:

Hooray for Volunteers

(Sung to the tune of "Hooray for Hollywood")

Hooray for volunteers

These extra super special volunteers

We couldn't copy without your smiling faces

And feel this place is

Great because you are here

Those tough jobs we wish

We could accomplish

You take on and do with the best of cheer

Hooray for volunteers

With you on board our troubles disappear

And any one of you will always come through

Each time we need you

To help us get the job done

We think the world of you

And of the job you do

Hooray for volunteers!

-- Arlene Grubbs and Evie Levine     Submitted by Susan J. Ellis, President of Energize

Favorite Volunteer Songs

  • Wind Beneath My Wings (Bette Midler)
  • For He's a Jolly Good Fellow (traditional)
  • A Thousand Points of Light (Randy Travis) **
  • Man In the Mirror (Michael Jackson)
  • Hero's Welcome (Michael Bolton)
  • Change the World (Eric Clapton)
  • A Little Help From My Friends (The Beatles)
  • Because You Love Me (Celine Dion)
  • Go Light Your World (Kathy Troccoll) **
  • Let's Hear It For the Volunteers (Mustard's Retreat)
  • I Volunteer (Collin Raye) **
  • We Are the World - Various Artists
  • Thank You For Being A Friend - Andrew Gold
  • Whenever I Call You Friend - Kenny Loggins
  • United We Stand - Brotherhood of Man
  • Get Together - Youngbloods
  • Lean On Me - Bill Withers
  • Hero - Mariah Carey
-- Unknown     Submitted by Mary Lou McNatt, Regis University H-4, CO

We Sing for Volunteers
We sing for volunteers that's true.
And that is why we sing for you.
The good news is we sing for free.
The bad news is we sing off key.
Sound off...Thank you
Sound off...Volunteers
Thank you, thank you, Volunteers
Song sung to Volunteers at our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Picnic

-- Unknown     Submitted by Joyce Barkel, Volunteer Services Director

There's No People Like Volunteers
Sung to the tune "There's No People Like Show People"
There's no people like volunteers like no people we know. Everything about them is appealing.
Everything the limit will allow.
No where can you get that happy feeling when they are with us like now.
There's no people like volunteers we smile when they are near.
And we are hear to say they really save the day and what they do is worth more than their pay.
And anyone of them would always come through when there's a job to do.
We thank you so much.

-- Unknown     Submitted by Jill Mondry, Manager of Volunteer Services, Altru Health System, North Dakota

Do you think you can make a difference by what you do?
It's true, it takes only one act of kindness for the wheel to move

Love in Action starts a chain reaction
That power is in you, yeah
Love in Action starts a chain reaction
As you give to others, you give to you


And the walls of resistance tumble down
Fear and anger have no ground
when the power of love and kindness comes 'round
So, do you think you can make a difference by what you do?
It's true, the joy of giving and receiving will take away the blues

(Repeat Chorus)

-- Unknown     Submitted by Tammy Joseph

Energize staff member Thea Woods (Generation Y) saw this section of the site and offered the following additions, with links to their lyrics:

  • Jewel – Hands (See lyrics here)
  • Michael Jackson – Heal the World (See lyrics here)
  • Peter Gabriel/Cyndi Lauper (or Bono and Alicia Keys) – Don’t Give Up (See lyrics here)
  • U2 (Bono) – American Prayer (Version 2 Lyrics here) a.k.a “African Prayer” featuring Beyoncé” (Version 1 lyrics here)
  • Sheryl Crow – Safe and Sound (See lyrics here)
  • U2 featuring Mary J. Blige – One (See lyrics here)
  • Michael Jackson – Earth Song (See lyrics here)
-- Unknown     Submitted by Thea Woods

Kind and Generous
My favourite song to thank volunteers at at appreciation dinner or the like is one by Natalie Merchant entitled Kind and Generous. I've used it so many times, and it is always a hit with the volutneers and staff alike!

Supertramp's "Give a Little Bit" has also proven very popular.

-- Unknown     Submitted by L. Salb

Song (Written By Durmerrick R.)

*Calvary Honor society
We got to build our community
So we put our faith, in god and know
He's never gonna fail oh no no no

They say faith without works is dead
So you gotta DO just whatever says
And seek to stand for righteousness
Even when such a stand
May be unpopular just take his hand
And don't you worry what others may think Just remember he sees
everything And it starts, with you and me

*Calvary Honor society
We got to build our community
So we put our faith, in god and know
He's never gonna fail oh no no no

So when you put your faith, and works together Then You will see how, things are made better With every gift or maybe smile Maybe your time its all worthwhile child Youre making a difference with the smallest of things Just remember change, it starts with me And when you give just a little of your time There is a smile, Maybe first from you Then maybe from a child

* Can Be Arranged To Different Words To Accommodate Its Use , With Full Credit Given To Original Artist *


-- Durmerrick R.     Submitted by Durmerrick R.