October 2020

Engage: The global voice of leaders of volunteer engagement has launched

By Betsy McFarland

As of October 18,  e-Volunteerism is now Engage: The global voice of leaders of volunteer engagement.  

Energize published e-Volunteerism over 20 years ago as a professional journal for the field.  Last year, e-Volunteerism became part of the Susan J. Ellis Foundation and we are excited to report that the Foundation has updated the journal and launched Engage.

Engage logo

Engage offers the same high-quality content as before and has over 800 articles from e-Volunteerism in the Engage Library.  The Engage team has "reimagined this online journal to bring the written voice to life via an active, social community where the collective voice of leaders from around the world come together to learn, share experiences and engage in conversation."

If you want to learn more about the how the journal evolved, read Rob Jackson's description. Rob is the new editor-in chief for Engage and is actively working to bring a powerful voice to the field. He has a long history in the volunteering movement and has led and managed volunteers in multiple settings including education and children’s services.  Founder of  Rob Jackson Consulting, Rob provides consultancy, public speaking and training services around the globe on a range of topics, with strategic volunteer engagement remaining at the core of his work. We are thrilled to welcome Rob into his new role with Engage

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