Materials about costs, budgeting, and financial management for volunteer involvement.

By the Charity Finance Directors Group in the UK, with an Appendix on "The Development of Recommendations on Valuing Volunteers" , pp. 68
By the Institute for Volunteering Research UK , 2008, pp. 16
Coyote Communications Listing of Volunteer Management Software

Jayne Cravens, expert on virtual volunteering, has compiled (and keeps updated) an advertising-free list of all available volunteer program management software she can identify.

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Outlines the key executive decisions necessary to lay the foundation for successful volunteer involvement: policies, budgeting, staffing, employee-volunteer relationships, legal issues, cost and value of volunteers, and more.

From the Top Down UK edition book cover

UK Edition of the best-selling book that identifies the critical link between the actions of an organisation’s senior management and the overall success of volunteer engagement.

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Workbook of checklists, worksheets, idea stimulators, and other practical tools for senior-level leaders to incorporate volunteer involvement as a key ingredient in the overall strategy of an organization.

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A how-to guide to fulfilling the role of board treasurer, written in simple, clear language for the non-accountant.

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