Self-Help Accounting, 2nd Edition

A Guide for the Volunteer Treasurer

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This book will help you:
  • Be an effective board treasurer or knowledgeable board member
  • Feel confident about the basics of financial management and oversight for your organization
  • Think through the checks and balances to protect your organization's assets

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Comments from Readers

Submitted on
Anonymous, Seattle, United States

I love this book and am constantly recommending it. It is simply the best resource available for very small organizations. It is a short and simple read and gives everything a new treasurer needs to know to maintain proper reporting and accountability.

One thing, though, i always have to caution people to disregard some of the now out-of-date information about 990 forms. It used to be that very small organizations with income less than some threshold were not required to file. This is no longer the case and it is very easy for a small, all-volunteer group to inadvertently lose their nonprofit status - an expensive and time-consuming mistake. Rather than waiting for a whole new addition, would it be possible to include a warning notice that 990 forms are now universally required to avoid losing nonprofit status? Or perhaps strike the out-of-date advice in the book that says it is not necessarily required?

Submitted on
Anonymous, Energize Bookstore Manager

Thanks for alerting us to this issue.  We have updated the book and removed these paragraphs.