Volunteer Management Bibliography

Introduction to the Bibliography

This extensive bibliography was put together by Steve McCurley for use by practitioners and academics interested in exploring some of the available range of research and programmatic materials on volunteer management. It was also intended to deal with the peculiar notion that volunteer management is a field unconnected to any underlying informational discipline. The majority of the materials are still available, although some are not easily available. Citations have been collected over an extended period of time by a variety of people and thus do not follow any single standard format. Our major interest was in having a citation which could be used to locate the material.

Materials were selected either because they directly related to techniques for volunteer management or because they contained material which had some direct import for volunteer involvement, such as surveys of volunteer demographics. Citations have been arbitrarily limited to those available in the English language. This is the largest known bibliography related to volunteer management, but you might find it intriguing to know that less than half of  the references examined made it into this version.

Full Version, 2002 (PDF) 
This is a 161-page document with 3146 references.

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