Pro Bono Service

Originally a term applied to established professions such as medicine, the law, accounting, etc., pro bono publico work meant, literally, "for the public good" -- and it was considered a duty of members of a profession to offer some part of their services at reduced fee or free to those in need. Today, the term "pro bono" is applied to any sort of volunteer service in which someone donates skills for which he or she would otherwise be paid. So if a Web designer creates a Web site for an organization at no charge, that's pro bono service.  Pro bono is only used in the context of the work done by the volunteer. So if this same Web designer volunteers for something unrelated to how she or he earns a living (such as coaching youth soccer), it should not be called pro bono work.

Associations Now (blog)

About all things related to association management, from ASAE (American Society for Association Executives). Was previously called "Acronym" and that archive is still accessible at

Charity Days UK

Fascinating program in the UK offering a group of professional trainers who have volunteered to give their time free of charge to registered charities to help them "make a bigger difference by making their training budget go further."

Corporate Institute Blog

Posts about corporate social responsibility and tools for engaging companies in volunteering, from Points of Light..

Financial Planning Association

Information on Pro Bono opportunities in the Financial Planning field.

Mallen Baker's Respectful Business Blog

" Analysis of what’s happening in the world of responsible business, and what it means." 

Pro Bono Australia News (blog)

News items focused on volunteering by business people and professionals in Australia as pro bono service.

Pro Bono Economics

Pro Bono Economics matches volunteer economists with charities in the UK wishing to address questions around measurement, results and impact. They publish their project reports online for everyone.

Pro Bono Junkie's Blog

A blog for those interested in integrating the pro bono ethic into their careers — giving their time and talent to strengthen nonprofit organizations. Part of the Taproot Foundation site.

Project Management Volunteers (PM-V)

To "mobilize the project management community in order to generate high value, skilled volunteer project management services for the Not for Profit community and charitable organizations."

Realizing Your Worth (blog)

Thoughts on corporate social responsibility and corporate volunteering by Chris Jarvis in Canada, through his consulting firm, Realized Worth. Has some cogent and valuable resources in the blog's archives.

Taproot Foundation

Taproot is focused on encouraging pro bono donations of professional services. Here are articles and research reports about business and professional community engagement.

Vantage Point Blog

This community blog from Vancouver, BC focuses on voluntary sector issues, leadership, organizations, and people engagement.

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

Established in 1969, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts in New York City is the pioneer in arts-related legal aid and educational programs about the legal and business issues that affect artist and arts organizations.  They provide a national VLA Directory by state to assist the arts community in areas outside of the New York region and recommend contacting your local and state arts council and bar association if seeking information and access to services.

Archived Infocast from the AICPA Young CPA Network - Original run date, Jan. 23, 2013 - 90 minutes

Three young CPAs share their experiences in volunteerism that has led to personal development of skills transferable to many aspects of their lives, including the workplace. 



Professional/Trade Associations

Geraldine Hyland
Submitted by Geraldine Hyland, The Canadian Payroll Association , Canada

I coordinate volunteers in a professional trade association setting which provides leadership in advocacy and education. In effect, these are busy people who give of their valuable time and use their skills to better serve their profession. I am the 'glue' so to speak which binds the Volunteer Management Committee together. I do not supervise as much as support and counsel these volunteers. Is there anybody out there who has the same type of role in a professional or trade association?? If so I'd love to share ideas!!