Workplace Volunteering

Refers to places of business that organize formal employee volunteer programs. Most often for-profit companies, but also large nonprofits. The resources here show leaders of volunteers how to welcome this special set of volunteers and make the relationship with their employers work.

Corporate Citizenship: A Tax in Disguise?, Richard Teather, 2003
Challenging the philosophy behind the practice.
Corporate Philanthropy 2.0, David L. Caprara and Robert L. Mallet, 2008
Corporate Social Responsibility, 2011
defined in a detailed article
Corporate Social Responsibility Special Report, 2008
compiled by Forbes in 2008, with links to various essays including "Can Companies Savbe the World? Should They Even Try?"
Corporate Volunteering, Kate Reynolds, \, pp. 25-26, Volunteering SA, 2001
The Drive towards "Highly-skilled" and "Pro Bono" Volunteering, Susan J. Ellis, Energize Hot Topic, 2009
Good Intentions Going Nowhere -- Again, Susan J. Ellis, Energize Hot Topic, 2010
The History of Doing Good, Mark Lewis, 2008
Redirecting Corporate Volunteering, Susan J. Ellis, Energize Hot Topic, 1997
Volunteering and Employability: Cause or Effect?, Susan J. Ellis, Energize Hot Topic, 2013
Volunteerism as a Core Competency, Diane Brady, Bloomberg Businessweek, 2012
Volunteers from the Workplace, Betty B. Stallings, 1998
Workplace Volunteerism: Have We Thought this Through?, Susan J. Ellis, Energize Hot Topic, 2004
A white paper that shows how a company can use its meetings and events to become a more responsible corporate citizen, Special D Events , 2010, pp. 18

Guide to effective employer-supported volunteer programs (large businesses) by Points of Light's Corporate Institute. 

, 2014, pp. 23

A report from Common Impact surveying 185 nonprofits about tapping the business community.

, 2011, pp. 12
IAVE is committed to being a global knowledge and thought leader for volunteering, through original research and analysis and by providing access..., pp. 19
By Petra Cook and Nicky Jackson. Explores how volunteering can help to develop the critical professional management skills of working with people who have different timeframes, values and interests. It assesses the personal experiences of senior managers and also their views on volunteering in their capacity as employers. The study also examines the views and actual experiences of returned VSO (UK) volunteers. , 2006, pp. 24
By Corporate Citizenship, The City of London, UK. The benefits of corporate volunteering programs in education. , 2010, pp. 114
By Greg Hills and Adeeb Mahmud, FSG Social Impact Advisors. Site also offers a video on this subject. , 2007, pp. 44
Alltop: Corporate Responsibility News

Site that gathers news and information about corporate responsibility and presents it in one place, with links.

Brookings Institute

Articles and reports about new directions in international corporate philanthropy, including employee volunteer programs. Search on keywords "corporate philanthropy" and "volunteering" to see complete list of resources.

Business in the Community (UK)

Information on the "ProHelp" program linking a network of over 1,000 professional firms to community service needs.

Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR)

Resources for Canadian companies interested in social corporate responsibility.

Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College

Site to advance "strategic corporate citizenship," including reports on such things as "Corporate Social Responsibility Monitor" and other reports.

Charity Village: Corporate Volunteerism

Series of articles from Charity Village on many aspects of engaging businesses in volunteering.

The Civic 50

Started in 2012, this project "ranks" America's most "community-minded corporations. Run by National Conference on Citizenship, Points of Light Institute, and Bloomberg LP.

Common Impact

"A nonprofit organization that connects skilled professionals from global companies to high-potential local nonprofits." See theirpublicationsthat make the case for skills-based volunteering by business.

Corporate Institute Blog

Posts about corporate social responsibility and tools for engaging companies in volunteering, from Points of Light..

Corporate Social Responsibility News and Resources

Resources for people determined to act as change agents within their business for corporate social responsibility/corporate citizenship, including employee volunteering.

CRS Wire

Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire Service posts all sorts of press releases and reports on business programs. Search under "volunteer" to find many items.

Development Crossing

Free site that promotes the growth of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development through a global network of professionals that have access to exclusive interviews, engaging discussions, breaking news, and relevant events around the world. Members can connect with thousands of senior executives, socially responsible enterprises and nonprofits to exchange ideas and capitalize on collective wisdom to solve common challenges.

Employer-Supported Volunteering Initiative - Volunteering England

Various philosophic and practical resources for employee volunteering, for both large and small companies.

Entrepreneurs Foundation

California agency with the mission "to engage companies in corporate citizenship and philanthropic efforts so that new and leveraged resources are generated for community benefit." Site offersmany tools, particularly onemployee volunteering.

Fueling Good

Site of the CITGO company's social responsibility efforts.

Global Corporate Volunteer Council

A network for leaders of international employee volunteer programs.

Imagine - Corporate Citizenship

Canada's national program to promote public and corporate giving, volunteering and support for the community. Site has many resources and downloadable materials.

International Volunteer Network of Chicago

Stimulates networking and volunteer opportunities in and between Chicago's business community and its large international diplomatic community.

Pro Bono Australia News (blog)

News items focused on volunteering by business people and professionals in Australia as pro bono service.

Pro Bono Australia News_
Pro Bono Junkie's Blog

A blog for those interested in integrating the pro bono ethic into their careers — giving their time and talent to strengthen nonprofit organizations. Part of the Taproot Foundation site.

Pro Bono Junkie's Blog

A blog for those interested in integrating the pro bono ethic into their careers -- giving their time and talent to strengthen nonprofit organizations.

Realized Worth

Focused on employee volunteering and workplace giving, with many solid ideas and discussions through the blog, "Realizing Your Worth," on "utilizing Employee Volunteer Programs to give you the edge in business."

Realizing Your Worth

Thoughts on Corporate Social Responsibility and corporate volunteering by Chris Jarvis in Canada.

Realizing Your Worth (blog)

Thoughts on corporate social responsibility and corporate volunteering by Chris Jarvis in Canada, through his consulting firm, Realized Worth. Has some cogent and valuable resources in the blog's archives.

Taproot Foundation

Taproot is focused on encouragingpro bonodonations of professional services.

US Chamber of Commerce Business Civic LeadershipCenter

The Business Civic LeadershipCenter exists to support the civic and humanitarian initiatives of businesses.

Volunteering England Employer Supported Volunteering Resource Hub

Wide range of articles, guides, reports, and more for those running workplace volunteer efforts -- both for the companies and for the volunteer-involving organizations.

Volunteering Is CSR: The VolunteerMatch Blog for Business Leaders

All about corporate social responsibility.

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