How to Become Listed in "Product and Services from Other Vendors"

Want to Promote Your Service or Unique Product?

We are proud to offer this Web Visibility Program to assist vendors specializing in volunteer management products or services. Our goal is to provide a cost-effective way for vendors to connect directly to a broad cross section of volunteer leaders and professionals in volunteer-involving organizations. 

To be eligible for inclusion here, a business or nonprofit organization must sell something that is specifically aimed at volunteer resources managers or for the volunteers they coordinate

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How It Works

  1. Contact us by filling out a Web Visibility Interest Submission Form.
  2. We will verify that your product and services meet our requirements and are specifically aimed at the volunteer management field.
  3. Upon approval, we’ll e-mail you a link to submit your copy and images to us and instruct you to activate your monthly payment to the program via PayPal. See Fees and Payment Plans below.
  4. Once we receive notification of your first payment, we will post your new vendor page and send you a link to the page for approval.
  5. Your product or service will be highlighted under “Vendors” on the Energize Web site home page on a rotating basis.
  6. You may cancel your subscription at any time from your PayPal account. If you do so, we will remove your listing at the end of the period already paid for.  

Service, Not Advertising

Energize decided a long time ago never to post banner or pop-up ads on our site. But we do want to inform our visitors about useful businesses serving the volunteer field. "Products and Services from Other Vendors" was our solution. Our idea is to help Energize site visitors compare various vendors by showing a similarly-designed page for each vendor that can be printed out and copied.

We give each vendor one Web page to describe what is being sold, show your logo and a photo or illustration, and give complete contact information (so that it is on the page that can be printed out). This includes a hotlink to the vendor's own Web site, so prospective customers can immediately learn more directly from the vendor. Since most volunteer resource managers can't issue a purchase order without approval, we want visitors to be able to quickly see or print out information that can be shared with decision-makers in their agencies.

What You Receive as a Vendor

When you enroll in the Vendor Web Visibility Program, you receive the following benefits as long as you remain on automatic recurring payment:

  • A listing in the “Products and Services” area on the most popular volunteer management site on the Web ( and visibility to our visitors who want to know about volunteerism-specific products and services. consistently receives approximately 32,000 site visits each month. The Products and Services area reliably appears in the top 10 most visited landing pages on our site each month. 
  • A full Web page on our site to describe your products and services and how people can contact your company/organization. You may include your logo and up to 2 additional graphics. Our Webmaster will enter the text and images you provide (with your final approval).

Any resulting sales transactions are directly between you and your customers.

Fees and Payment Plans

To participate in the Web Visibility Program, you must subscribe with us via PayPal.  We offer 2 payment options:

A Monthly Fee of US$ 30.00

Subscribe for a monthly fee of US$30, with an initial minimum payment of $90 for the first 3 months. After activating your account, PayPal will automatically deduct your payment each month from the payment method of your choice. You may cancel at any time after the first 3 months.

A Yearly Fee of US$ 300.00 (You save $60)

Subscribe for a yearly fee of US$300. Twelve months after the first payment, PayPal will automatically deduct your payment for the following year (and every 12 months thereafter) from the payment method of your choice. You may cancel at any time after the first 12 months.

Changes to Your Page

You may request a free text or graphic change once in a twelve month period. Additional changes can be made for an administrative fee of $75 each time.

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Please Note: The products and services described must focus specifically on volunteers or be for volunteer program managers. Generic products or services which "can be customized" are not appropriate for this listing. We want  a broad representation of volunteerism products and services but reserve the right to refuse any listing.