Products from Other Vendors

The vendors below have paid to show a description of the products or services they offer to the volunteer field. We keep each description to one page, making it easy for you to print out and compare your choices. 

Volunteer management software that's comprehensive, easy to use, and backed by an amazing team to professionals ready to help you.

Volunteers Insurance Service was established over 40 years ago to address the accident and liability concerns that are shared by many volunteers, would-be volunteers and the nonprofit organizations that use their help.

Golden is globally celebrated for offering turnkey, powerful, web-based volunteer management software and also operates the top apps for volunteering on iPhone, Android and the web.

We offer instant, integrated, comprehensive background checks that can be done once by a volunteer and used anywhere on Golden thereafter - including federal, county, sex offender, (terrorist) watch list, document, and optional driver license checks among others, all at a fraction of the cost of other providers. 

Offero is cloud-based and mobile-responsive volunteer management software.

A Complete Volunteer Management System

Giving you time for what matters most - your Volunteers