June 2020

Re-Opening and Recovery: Volunteer Engagement Resources in a Coronavirus World

By Betsy McFarland

Why Volunteers are Essential to Nonprofit SustainabilityPerson with mask giving food to someone
Photo credit: Corry Hayes, Creative Director of New York City Relief

As companies and organizations begin reopening, we felt it would be helpful to start another list of resources to help leaders of volunteers and others plan their next steps safely and efficiently. 

(Our previous page on resources for Supporting Volunteers During Coronavirus is still available.)

Share Your Resources

If you have reopening and recovery guidelines, plans, communations or other resources you are willing to share, please submit them through our Coronavirus Response form (no longer available).  If you have seen resources from others that you find helpful, let us know so we can share those too. We would love any and all suggestions.

Resources from Volunteer Centers, Associations, and Others

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Amie Schwendeman, Manager, Volunteer Services , King’s Daughters Medical Center , Ashland, US

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