Materials dealing with the "gray areas" of volunteer management -- philosophical and moral challenges that may arise.

America's Voluntary Spirit, Brian O'Connell
CEO as Board Chair: The Nonprofit Ethicist Just Doesn’t Like It, NPO Quarterly

Precise ethical reasoning as to why an executive director should not be a member of a nonprofit board of directors

Corporate Citizenship: A Tax in Disguise?, Richard Teather
Challenging the philosophy behind the practice.
Creating a Statement of Philosophy on Volunteer Engagement, Betty B. Stallings with Susan J. Ellis, Energize Inc.
The Emergence of Female Activism in US History, Anne Firor Scott, Natural Allies, pp. 37-38, University of Illinois Press
The History of Volunteer Involvement in Seven Stages, Susan J. Ellis, Appeared as an "On Volunteers" column in The NonProfit Times
The Implications of History, Susan J. Ellis
Money is No Object, Susan J. Ellis
Moving on from 2001, Susan J. Ellis
On Being a Dream-Catcher, Susan J. Ellis
Professional Ethics in Volunteer Administration
oiginally developed by the former Association for Volunteer Administration and kept current by the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration
Volunteering: The Human Face of Democracy, Jennifer Wilkinson and Michael Bittma
Volunteerism Past and Present, Susan J. Ellis and Katherine H. Campbell, Ch.12, pp. 353-5, Energize Inc.
Why Young People Should Be Decision Makers, Jenny Sazama and Karen S. Young, pp. 4-6, Youth on Board
"You Get What You Pay For", Susan J. Ellis
Department for Communities, Government of Western Australia (revised). The guidelines focus on direct involvement of volunteers or volunteer groups in contributing to the work of public sector agencies. , 2010, pp. 28

For Disaster Response Volunteers, First Responders and Disaster Planners, by the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD). Also see VOAD's "Disaster Spiritual Care," a statement of principles about spiritual and emotional support of disaster workers. 

, 2013, pp. 64
Charity Village: Ethics

From CharityVillage (Canada), this archive of questions and answers to ethical questions focuses on sticky issues confronted by nonprofit boards.

Codes of Ethics

The Chronicle of Philanthropy has compiled this list of online resources for creating codes of ethics.

Digital Collections of IUPUI University Library

Archival material from the IUPUI University Library's Philanthropy Resources Online collection. Search keywords such as "volunteering," philanthropy," etc. Many journals from the 1960s-1990s have been digitized online here, so anyone looking for older material and historical archives can find treasures.

The Ethical Volunteer

A video travel guide for volunteering abroad that ensures each placement is of benefit both to volunteers and their host communities.

Helping the Poor: Friendly visiting, dole charities and dole queues

155-page PDF by Robert Whelan for Civitas: Institute for the Study of Civil Society, London, 2001, examining the roots of organized charity in England from the "volunteer person of leisure" to paid social workers.

Nonprofit Issues

Nonprofit Issues® is a national Web newsletter of "Nonprofit Law You Need To Know." Written for nonprofit executives and their advisors, lawyer Donald Kramer provides clear, concise and comprehensive coverage of real issues that affect nonprofits every day. While there is a fee for subscribing to the full publication or participating in webinars, sign up for the free weekly e-mailed "Question and Answer" where Don Kramer responds to readers' questions on topics of general interest, often volunteer-related.

Schools of Citizenship: Charity and Civic Virtue

70-page PDF by Frank Prochaska for Civitas: Institute for the Study of Civil Society, London, 2002, thoughtfully examining the history of voluntary collective action in Britain versus the rise of the welfare state.

The Serious Leisure Perspective

Canadian academic William A. Stebbins has devoted his career to studying the connection of leisure to work and volunteering,as well as professional to amateur. The site offers a wealth of materials, including a Digital Library of many articles.