Disaster Response

Volunteering in response to natural disasters. Often called "spontaneous volunteering."

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For Disaster Response Volunteers, First Responders and Disaster Planners, by the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD). Also see VOAD's "Disaster Spiritual Care," a statement of principles about spiritual and emotional support of disaster workers. 

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Citizen Corps Councils

Information on starting a local Citizen Corps Council to prepare for emergencies, with details about working groups around the country. Part of the USA Freedom Corps.

Compassion Fatigue UK
Do your volunteers have to cope with "compassion fatigue"? Get advice, training, and resources at this site that promises volunteers it "will help you get back to being brilliant; so that you can remember why you're doing what you're doing and get back to doing it; making that difference to the people you care for."
Disaster Center - Relief Agencies

Comprehensive listing of dozens of nonprofit and faith-based organizations engaged in disaster relief, with descriptions and links.

Extreme Event

Looking for a way to train people in disaster response and community mobilization? Take a look at the "Extreme Event" from the Koshland Science Museum. The impressive site gives you free materials and full instructions for how to run a session in which participants have to face an emergency scenario and build coalitions to address it.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Disaster Response

Overview of disaster relief efforts around the world, with various documents and articles relevant to volunteer service.

National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD)

NVOAD coordinates planning efforts by many voluntary organizations responding to disaster, providing more effective services and less duplication by getting together before disasters strike. Once disasters occur, NVOAD or an affiliated state VOAD encourages members and other voluntary agencies to convene on site. This cooperative effort has proven to be the most effective way for a wide variety of volunteers and organizations to work together in a crisis. Offer various reports and guides (see articles above).

People in Aid (free publications area)

UK site focusing mainly on paid relief workers but offering materials of use in working with volunteers.

Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams (REACT) International

Well-recognized organization of ham radio and CB operators who work with established emergency organizations to communicate worldwide during emergencies and disasters. The site provides self-help materials for the volunteers involved.

National professional association of directors, managers, and administrators of volunteer programs in local city, county and other local governments. Purpose is to strengthen volunteer programs through leadership, education, advocacy, net-working and information exchange. 

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