Material useful to working effectively in teams of individuals or organizations.

Consultation/Listening, Debra Allcock Tyler, It's Tough at the Top: The no-fibbing guide to leadership, Directory of Social Change
How to Profit with a Nonprofit Partner, Richard Steckel, Robin Simons, Jeffrey Simons, and Norman Tanen, Making Money While Making a Difference, High Tide Press
Making Conflict Constructive, Frances Moore, The Quickening of America: Rebuilding Our Nation, Remaking Our Live, pp. 251-253
Sneaky and Insightful Boardroom Questions, Carol Weisman, Board Builders e-zine, News from the Road
By Ros Tennyson for the International Business Leaders Forum , 2003, pp. 45
Ashoka - Innovators for the Public

Network of social entrepreneurs worldwide. 

The Citizen's Handbook

Written by Charles Dobson and the Vancouver (Canada) Citizen's Committee, this is one of the best quick guides to community organizing on the Web.

Collective Impact Forum

"Collective impact" is an emerging form of community collaboration. This site expains the concept and offers many free articles about it.

Community Builders New South Wales

An interactive clearing house where users are encouraged to contribute to content and ongoing development. The site was developed by the New South Wales (AU) government in response to a desire expressed by communities across NSW to access information about what others are doing and what works to make their community safer and more inclusive, enterprising and resilient.


Community Toolbox

The Community Tool Box offers over 7,000 free pages of practical guidance on essential skills for building healthy communities for people working to make a difference. The resources are organized by: 1) Learn a Skill (training in specific skills of community work); 2) Plan the Work (Toolkits outline tasks, examples, and supports for 16 core competencies); 3) Solve a Problem ("Troubleshooting Guides" for common challenges, questions for analysis, and links); 4) Use Promising Approaches (Evidence, examples, and links); and 5) Connect with Others (Learn from others by asking an advisor and finding other online resources).

Hello, My Name is Scott

Unusual, funny, and wise Web site devoted to the power and uses of nametags (yes, nametags) to foster interaction among strangers. See the free article section.

National Network for Collaboration Training

Devoted to "the goal of community collaboration, bring individuals and members of communities, agencies and organizations together in an atmosphere of support to systematically solve existing and emerging problems that could not be solved by one group alone. Offers a variety of tools, self-training materials, and more to support community collaborative efforts.


A special project of Points of Light aimed at organizing low income communities to strengthen families and work together. Many free resources to download.